Cracking Up

Usually this time of year I have either gone crazy or am close to going crazy with assignment, practicing and preparing for finals. This year however, I feel calm and on top of things although I do have a paper to write that is due Wednesday, I should probably work on that ;)

Have you ever laughed so hard that you can’t move and sometimes end up on the floor? This happens to me occasionally and this last Saturday this became a frequent picture. Two of my friends, Tyler and Kristina, came up to visit on Saturday and all I remember is laughing a lot and having a wonderful day.

DSC00291.jpg DSC00312.jpg

We have been getting snow particles the past few days and Saturday was a cold, blustery day. Because of this, or because friends were coming over, I had the desire to make food that would warm up the trailer. I made Pumpkin Lasagna for our lunch, Chocolate Walnut Granola, Homemade Applesauce, and Cinnamon Rolls. The trailer smelled wonderful, was warm, and I was happy :)

DSC00301.jpg DSC00326.JPG DSC00331.JPG

After we ate, and cleaned up, I started to make the cinnamon rolls and chocolate walnut granola while we visited and then watched Across the Universe. I haven’t watched this in a while and it was fun to sing along and laugh while we watched.

Being around Kristina is never boring and I have learned that I need to hide the sugary treats when she is around ;)

DSC00296.jpg DSC00311.JPG DSC00332.jpg

DSC00299.jpg DSC00336.jpg DSC00354.JPG

After a plethora of laughter and goofiness, we headed to Rushville for the Local Connection Artists Co-op annual winter show/sale. I love seeing art and am so proud that this co-op has been started in my hometown.

You would think that would be enough excitement for one day but guess again! My friend Kristy is the jester in the Rushville madrigal this coming weekend and Kristina is going to help out. We all went out for pizza at Pizza Unlimited (or P.U. as the locals call it) and then headed over to Kristy’s parents house and watched them plan for the madrigal.

DSC00362.JPG DSC00367.JPG

DSC00373.JPG DSC00365.JPG

It was so much fun to hang out with friends! I don’t do that often enough and as my semester gently winds down, I am trying to make more time before I head off to my new adventure of student teaching.


Stay warm!

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