Snow Days

This week has been interesting to say the least.

Monday was a normal teaching day but with the added excitement that a snow day was coming due to the blizzard of 2011! Was it bad that I was hoping for a snow day? I wasn’t the only teacher hoping for one if that makes it any better ;)

Tuesday started out normal. No problem getting to school. Then the snow started. During the last class of the day (plan period on Tuesday for me) it was announced that there would be no school the next day! I think all the teachers were already expecting this but it was nice to find out before heading home for the day. When school let out it was a mess outside!

DSC02007 0201111646

What usually take me about forty minutes to get home took about two hours! Thankfully the traffic was being careful so there were not any accidents along the road when I was traveling. The drive went by a little faster with a few phone calls (my parents and a couple of friends) and podcasts. I was so glad to be home and crashed!

Wednesday we woke up to snow that was close to twenty inches!


My brother and several other neighbors were out using their snow blowers first thing in the morning trying to clear driveways and sidewalks. My brother was out until two in the afternoon helping out. Actions like that remind me of my dad and his willingness to help others regardless of the time. I stayed inside where it was warm an played Mario with V, watched G-Force with the family and overall sat around and was lazy. V helped me make some flourless peanut butter cookies and a wonderful pumpkin cranberry scone mix that my friend Nicole sent me. What a wonderful day!


DSC02111 DSC02104 DSC02118 DSC02132

Thursday came with another snow day! Because of the amount of snow, the plows were having trouble getting all the roads cleared and the temperature was bellow zero plus a windchill. I was glad to have another snow day because I was finally coming down with something. At the beginning of the week I thought it was a cold but Thursday I woke up and was achy and that is not a symptom of a cold. Thursday involved a nice long nap, a green monster, a carrot cake smoothie, citron tea and lots of liquids.

DSC02134 DSC02138

Note: I believe the success of these smoothies is using a high powered blender.

Friday I woke up ready to go and teach. It took me a little longer to get to school due to snow blocking some of the road but overall, not a bad drive. Thank you to all the people who have worked hard clearing off the roads! :D Once I got to school I realized I was a little weaker and dizzier than when I first woke up so I planned on teaching sitting down as much as possible. I was getting excited about my last recorder class of the day when it was announced that there was an assembly for read and connect. I was a little bummed that I would not be able to teach my recorder lesson but now I know what I am doing next week with them!


This weekend has involved laying around, liquids, green monsters and carrot cake smoothies and naps. I am hoping that I will be back to “normal” Monday morning and ready to make it through week five of my student teaching!

On a side note, did you hear/read/watch Opera and 378 staffers go vegan for a week? If not, check out Angela’s thoughts at Oh She Glows. And if you are interested, check out Morgan’s Challenge to go vegan for a week (Life After Bagels).

That’s it for now. I am going try and incorporate some more vegan recipes into my life this week and will report back to you all at the end of the week. The most important thing for me and food is moderation, balance and listening to what my body is telling me.

Off to finished typing some lesson plans and then an early bedtime sounds fantastic!

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  1. Aww! I’m glad you liked them! (I’m a bit behind on my blog-reading…cant wait to see you in a couple weeks!)

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