Plank Challenge

On my last post recap I mentioned that I had participated in the Pipes Challenge. Honestly I didn’t push myself as much as I could have and wanted and I can make up a really good excuse if you want one. The Plank Challenge started my last week at my high school placement and I am excited to be able to focus more the activity side of my health now that student teaching is finished and job searching becomes my full time job for the moment.


My friend Nicole is my partner in this challenge and I am really excited to have someone I know doing this challenge with me (even though we live in different states).


My initial test was a very low seven seconds :( I guess that means I can only improve from there!

Here is my plan for the challenge:


In the first week I was still trying to figure out my goals and plan but I did get two days of planks in but sadly no yoga. I did push myself the first week in holding a plank for close to thirty seconds so I know I am capable of doing it :) This next week I will be adding in a rep and increasing my time to twenty seconds for each rep.

Feel free to join in on the fun! It is never too late to start a challenge! If you need some tips, variations, modification, etc. on planks check out this post.

What was the last fitness challenge you did or what is your current fitness challenge?

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2 thoughts on “Plank Challenge

    • I am loving them so far. It is great to have something to work towards and have people around me that will motivate and challenge me! I reviewed the plank video you did a while back before starting just as a refresher course ;)

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