Goals and Life

Okay, so you know all this free time I have now that my student teaching is over?


I’m going to say it….

I don’t like it *gasp*

I thrive when I have a set schedule.

Not jam packed but not loosey-goosey like it is now.

Now that I have said that, I feel like this week is going to be better.


I have written down my goals for the month and am in the process of writing them in my planner. I will learn how to manage my life while going with the flow and being flexible! I want to feel productive again ^_^

Job searching will have a set time as will time for fun things like reading, playing with V and family and sitting in the sun for far too long (I will remember sun screen this time though!)

This last week was good in terms of staying active. That possibly could be because I had to do something before I started climbing the walls :)

I completed six days of my plank challenge successfully! I was up to three reps at thirty seconds for each rep. It felt good! I even attempted a few straight arm planks as an added challenge :) I also had two or three days of yoga, one day of mowing the yard, one day of trying to dance with a DVD (eek!) and Saturday I attempted my first focused walk/jog (heavy on the walk, light on the jog).

The dancing was fun but I was laughing at how ridiculous I felt! I love the idea of dancing and I want to learn but I also know I will never look as graceful as the dancers I see on Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance.

My walk/jog was a great adventure! I tried it Saturday morning, hopefully before it got to hot but unfortunately the heat had already risen. I found out the hard way that there are not enough trees along the path I took. I was using a C25K method and did not make it the whole way through but I finished. I was able to do about half of the jogging intervals but then I knew my body wasn’t going to make it. My front of my thighs were hurting and I was dizzy when I would transition back into my walking intervals (possibly not breathing deeply enough?). I was proud of what I accomplished but I now know I have more work to do before I try that again…and I need to run either earlier in the morning or latter when it is cooler. For now, I plan on using the elliptical here at home and riding my bike to strengthen my muscles and build up my stamina

Now onto the fun stuff!

Last week was Memorial day and as I mentioned in my last post, I went home for the weekend.

Spring 2011

Friday I drove home, spent time with my parents and attended a friend’s High School graduation party!

Saturday I celebrated with friends at a beautiful wedding. The food was delicious! They had Bourbon Peach and Cranberry Orange sauce for the pork. The Bourbon Peach was wonderful!

Mar 25 2011

Sunday my home church had a cookout potluck (yummy!) and then I did yoga with my mom

Monday I traveled back north, visited with a friend and made it home before dark and without melting (my van no longer has AC)

It was a wonderful relaxed weekend even with everything happening. My other weekends home were always jam packed and this one, was more relaxed and spaced out.

This last weekend I went to a birthday party/game night and brought my Vegan Cheese and the next day some of the young adults from my small group “crashed” the high school graduation party so we could meet and connect with the graduating seniors :D

Goals set for this week, days scheduled. I think this is going to be a great week!

Do you prefer your days scheduled or loosey-goosey?

And I have been trying out some new recipes and experimenting so food dedicated post will be coming this week!

DSC03068 DSC03395

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