New Adventures

Has it really been two weeks since I last posted?

Let’s see what has happened the last two weeks…


In terms of fitness goals the last two weeks have not been the best due to traveling and then my stomach deciding it did not like me anymore. I have started working on the C25K program using the elliptical and I love it! The biggest positive for me right now is controlled temperature vs humid weather outside and inside there is not as many things that make my head spin. I dislike allergies and one of these days I want to get tested so I know what to stay away from.


Planks have suffered a set back but I did get to my goal this last week of holding a minute plank :) I found that adding a little movement or switching up the plank by using the sofa helped with my focus. I think planks are going to stay in my life and I am excited to continue to challenge myself even though the official challenge is over. Through this challenge I realized that I was stronger than I thought and I also learned when I could push myself and when I needed rest. I loved adding it into my daily schedule and I found that two or three reps. was a good amount for me at this time. There are so many different variations to a traditional plank so I know in the future I will not get bored and can personalize the plank.


Two weeks ago I had a very busy week. On Monday I drove down to my parents house since I had an interview near by Tuesday morning. It was nice to relax and touch base with my parents for the evening. The interview went well and a few minutes after I drove off I had a phone interview for another job. Talk about a busy morning! Since I had some time to waste, I drove a few hours and then camped out at a Starbucks, caught up on blogs and then stopped by to visit a college friend who is currently working at a music store selling pianos :) Back on the road I headed north to visit another college friend and spend the night. I am so thankful that her parents opened up their home to me since it considerably cut down my morning drive for another job interview. The evening was rounded out with live music outside!


One of the things I miss most about college is being able to go to free or really cheap music events almost any evening. My Wednesday morning interview went well and was followed by a phone interview for a position in Iowa. Four interview in the span of two days left me exhausted!

The story doesn’t end there though! I had only been home for about thirty minutes when I got a phone call from the school I interviewed with in the morning a few hours earlier. They were offering me the job! I was so shocked that I honestly did not know what to say! I asked if I could have a little time to think about it which I am sure they were not expecting but they gave me two days. I was shaking! When M and V got home I told them the news and asked them to pray. I also texted several friends that I knew would pray for me as I made a decision. I also called my other sister-in-law and parents and asked them to pray. My head was spinning! After praying, thinking and talking things through with M and one of my professors from college I made my decision. I accepted the job! I actually left a message that afternoon and then talked the next morning with the principal. It will become official after the board meeting on the 29th.

I am so happy to know where I will be teaching and am now able to start planning. At the same time, it is strange knowing that I no longer have to apply for a teaching job this year. The entire process was very positive even though I got tired and wanted it to be over most of the time. I had seven interviews plus four phone interviews. I learned how to search for jobs and that it is important to apply to jobs that still require paper applications instead of online applications. The job I got was actually a paper application.

So now my summer consists of finding a place to rent, organizing materials for my K-12 vocal program, working on my sight reading materials, picking out music for concerts, research and learning all I can about show choirs! I have started writing down all the questions I have and ideas or things I want to do or teach. I have realized that even though I have lived outside of my parents house for the last four years, this will be the first time that I am truly out on my own. Even though I have lived on my own, I have always gone to church with my family, whether that was with my parents at my home church or with my brother’s family the last six months. For the first time in my life I will be going to church on my own. I am not sure why that hit me so hard but it did. I have been blessed by a supportive family and have been given great resources for growth in my faith. The entire time I was searching for a job I prayed that if God moved me away from the church I am at now, that he would lead me the church he wants me at and would continue to help me grow.

As much as my head is running around with questions and ideas, I have peace. I know that God has provided and will continue to provide.

Question for you: what was a big transition in your life?

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