Keep Calm and Run Away from the Zombies

What do you do to relax?

I am still trying to figure that out these last few months.

In the last year, I have found that baking cooking and reading are ways for me to unwind.


Do you like pumpkin? What about Mac ‘n Cheese? You need to try this Pumpkin Mac ‘n Cheeze by the wonderful Angela@OhSheGlows :D

I have also taken several trips for celebrations or just to get together with friends and family.

At the beginning of October I had a nice day trip visit in Dubuque Iowa with my friend Nicole.


Not the best picture but what did you expect from a parking lot picture?


We met up for lunch at Salsa’s (how cool is that name!) and enjoyed sharing this variety of food! Look at the steam! The black bean soup was good but a little salty in my opinion.

After enjoying our fill of Mexican food, we headed out to walk around. We didn’t make it very far. Nicole and I both love books, and since there was a small bookstore across from the Salsa’s we decided to check it out. I loved the look and feel of the bookstore. Other than the beautiful wood floors and tall built in wooden bookshelves, I immediately noticed a group of older women knitting/crocheting and visiting in the back of the store. We made it out of the bookstore and somehow I managed to make it out with only two books ;) One for me, one for a gift…

To round out our day together we took a walk around part of Dubuque and wandered down to the riverfront. Before we headed our separate ways we found a Starbucks in a Hyvee of all places. It even had a nice little corner sitting area.


I know the fall colors in the Midwest are not as vibrant as those out east but I still have enjoyed the fall weather. I have especially enjoyed driving around my new home with all of the rolling hills :)


It is Friday and my brain is making me take a break. Not that I am fighting it ;) I did stick around school for quite a while after school organizing some things in my elementary room. Somehow, out of the five file drawers I have, only one of them had racks for hanging files. For someone that worked with files for the last six years, this is extremely annoying >_< After borrowing a screwdriver (again) from the janitors, I finally got my hanging file racks assembled! My lessons may not be done, or started for next week but it feels good to have things organized, or almost organized!

So my last few Saturdays have revolved around the life group (small group) that I have started attending. So far the only reason I have missed is due to school responsibilties. I was looking forward to group this week but then they needed chaperones for the high school trip to Six Flags Great America. I cannot remember the last time I was on a roller coster let alone an amusement park. Did I mention that it is Fright Night? And we will be there from opening to closing?

Now does my title make a little more sense?

So if you don’t hear from me, the zombies might have gotten me ;)

What do you do to relax?

Any special plans for the weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Run Away from the Zombies

  1. Ha ha! Nice title. :) I read or watch movies to relax. And, of course, eat ice cream. Although all of those are harder to do with Baby B around. Most days I end up crash-napping when he naps! But if I don’t, reading and movies are nice. :)

  2. Oh I’ve enjoyed Angela’s butternut squash mac’n'cheeze but have yet to try it with the pumpkin version – sounds yummy though!

    To relax I do absolutely NOTHING. I feel like I’m go-go-going all the time that doing nothing is such a nice change it’s relaxing in and of itself! I love to watch mindless movies or TV and just veg!

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