I love cooking my own food. I was so excited last Saturday because I had time to buy some fresh produce and had a pile or recipes to use the ingredients on my refrigerator ready to go. One problem…because my recital is quickly approaching, I don’t have time to cook and the first few days of the week I usually do not get home before 8pm :(

I love Thursday’s for many reasons. One, my schedule isn’t completely chaotic. Two, I do not often have evening commitments. Three, not having evening commitments means I can go home and eat at a normal dinner time and even have time to make something instead of just warming it up :)

Today was an extra wonderful day because I was able to sleep in and get some extra rest that I desperately needed, had time to walk down and talk with Kathy, performed my Mozart Fantasie and Sonata in studio class for the first time as a unit and made two things tonight!

Tonight I made the first two recipies on my list to make this week: Zucchini Western Style and Butternut Squash Jambalaya.


The Zucchini Western Style recipe can be found here. I had some deer meat in the freezer I have been wanting to use so this was the perfect recipe. I used Asian sticky rice instead of brown rice and did not add any sour cream since that is not something I regularly keep in the house. Because I have not had time to cook I also have not had time to eat a real meal at a regular time so this hit the spot!

Since I was in a cooking mood and did not have a lot of homework (did not feel like doing my homework), I decided to make Butternut Squash Jambalya. You can find the recipe here. I did not have onion powder but I don’t think that greatly altered the dish. By the time I made this I was not hungry but I had to try just a little bit. I love it! I was did not have the patience to wait for the rice to absorb all the liquid but it was getting close when I finally decided that it was ready.




This has a great kick with all the spices and is perfect for the beautiful fall days and cool evenings we have been having. I am trying to find excuses to go outside and just enjoy the weather as much as I can.

Speaking of fall, my roommate made an apple pie earlier this week :) As much as I love making food, I really enjoy it when someone else makes something. The crust was an experiment from a previous weekend and either the addition of oatmeal or greek yogurt made it very chewy to the point that it was hard to cut. The apples thought were delicious and had the perfect amount of seasoning!


Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

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